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I Have a Problem

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I had sex last wednesday we are now on monday and on saturday I started getting a itchy feeling down below and burning and at night its even worse. I have felt and I have lumps up my hole lots all the way round the opening of the hole. Non on lips or anything and I am having quite thick discharge
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replied February 28th, 2005
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Sounds like you're skin in very irritated and that you may have an infection. It could range from a yeast infection to bacterial vaginitis. You should see your doc asap. As for bumps, the vagina isn't smooth - it has many ridges kind of like the shell of a walnut. That's the best way I can think to describe it.

Did you have unprotected sex? If so, it's easy to catch something, especially if you're with a new partner & you guys haven't been tested for any std's.

Did you use a condom with spermicide on it? The spermicide can be irritating for some women.

In any case, I would still get to your doctor to have it checked out. Sounds uncomfortable :(
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