I am currently reading a book called

"architects of the culture of death"


donald benjamin & demarco wiker

it is an amazing book, easy to read, educational, riveting shocking and incredible, it is the most awsome book I have ever read (appart from bible), it literally takes you step by step through those who have created the current culture and exposes the myths and half truths. It exposes their phiolosphies, ideas of culture and their use of selling the seemingly good points to a gulible society.

If you have a few dollers spare, I whole heartedly recomend this book

from madmen philosophers to sexual perverts. From believing they were gods to eugenics.

Ayn rand, charles darwin, karl marx, jean-paul sartre, alfred kinsey, margaret sanger, jack kevorkian, and peter singer, are just some of those exposed in this awsome and tremendous book.

By reading the book one comes to understand that what is at stake is not just moral issues like abortion and euthinasia but.... Well I wont give the plot away.

Like the forword says

"if you can read this book, without your understanding being effected you havent read it properly...Read it again"

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replied February 16th, 2005
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Just highlight the name of the book copy and paste it into the search box and it will take you to the book and price
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