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He Doesn't Want to Take Medications :( What Can I Do?

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Hello everybody/
my boyfriend is a bipolar, he has been in hospitals twice and he took medications for a while. But he stopped all medications, and he doesn't want to take them anymore. He is having a lot of mood swings right now, and he wanted to break up with me, but I realized that when he's in his depression mood, I have to be apart of him untill he gets out of it. And so I did. Now he's getting better, but still afraid of our relationship, he told me many times that he doesn't want to hurt me, but I reasured him teling him that I won't be hurt from him and that I can persist all dificulties. Anyway, my problem is how to convince him to go to a psychaitrist to take medications? I read a lot about the bipolar disorder and I know that it's very recommended to a person having this manic depresion all the time.
I need your advices please.

Thank you all.
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replied February 16th, 2005
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Please help me, I want advices.
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replied November 18th, 2005
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I understand what you are going through and unfortunetly it is sometimes hard for me to respond because there is so much to say I would like to talk more but my ricky is a handfull and usually don't have time to write a good response if you would like to talk more my aol screen name it (lilhuffmom) sometimes the best remedy is to talk and have someone listen I do know a lttle about bipolar and have even adapted to the life I think I could help you just as much as you could help me
write soon good luck and stay happy
cassie and baby ricky :d
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