Research participants wanted

you may be eligible to participate in up to two clinical research studies
on cervical cancer prevention now being conducted at the universities of
california at los angeles and irvine. This is a two phase study: first,
we will test women with abnormal pap tests for human papillomavirus (hpv)
infection and type their virus; second, women will be followed for up to
six months and women who continue to test positive for hpv-16 infection
may be eligible for a study to test whether women treated with a vaccine
clear their infections faster than do women who receive placebo (sterile
water). Participating in the screening study does not obligate you to
participate in the vaccine trial, even if you are eligible. However, if
you believe that you would never consider participating in such a trial,
you are ineligible for the screening study.

Otherwise, you may be eligible if you:
spam are now 18 to 50 years old
spam have had one or more abnormal pap tests in the last 12 months
spam have had one or more menstrual periods within the last year
spam are not now pregnant or planning to become pregnant over this next year
spam are not hiv infected
spam have never tested positive for tuberculosis by skin test (also called
"ppd test")
spam have not received bcg vaccination in your lifetime

if you are interested in being evaluated for this study, you may call our
office at 310-825-0803 to receive a confidential, preliminary screening
evaluation over the phone.

You will not be asked to provide any identifying information during the
phone-screening interview.

--this is a completely voluntary study--

we need your help in spreading the word about our study! Please pass along
this message to your friends or co-workers if you think they might be
interested, they may contact us directly for more information.


dr. Dorothy wiley
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