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Ok, this is going to sound weird, but I hope someone can help me..
Ok so my boyfriend and I have had sex without a condom before and sometimes he'll come inside me, but it(seman) burns!
My question is, is this normal!?! Has this happened to anyone else.. And like is it a reaction to something in me, or is it his man juice.. ?

He does tend to smoke frequently.. Would this have an effect on it??

Thanks foryour time!
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replied November 27th, 2010
I've had this before, though i couldn't really find any info on it. The first time he ever cam inside me, it burned moments after and then i swelled up and got an yeast infection. Being too embarressed i did not go to the doctor, i just cooled the burnning with a cold wet wash clothes and used the creams normally needed to stop a yeast infection. It was a long time after that before i was brave enough to let him cum inside me again, and the second time nothing happened. It seems like if it's a dry, fast, rough, anything that has a lot of friction then the opening will burn a lot once his semen touches it. I then found that for almost 6 months anytime he and i did any thing sexual it would burn, so we decided that keeping it wet and having sex more frequently would help. So we went from making love once a month to making it 2 or 3 times a weeks. The first week was a little sore, and by the second week all the burning was gone. WE've been together for 3 years now with this sexual pattern, and it seems to me the burnning is gone for good. I think it's when the vaginal area is not use to the strange subtance (semen) it gets deffensive, and then once use to it, it'll just accept it as normal.. Good luck, hope this helped. =)
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replied October 12th, 2011
Semen Facts
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