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Cobra to Individual Coverage And Hipaa

I just finished an 18 month cobra period with a major insurance company. I applied with the same compay for an individual policy, and I was denied coverage because of some medical history from 6-8 months ago.

I searched and saw some articles about the hipaa health insurance portability and accountability act and my rights on converting to an individual plan from a group plan. I am an "eligible individual" for a conversion from what I can see. Is this company in any violation of the hipaa?

I can provide more info such as the insurance company and the reason for denial of coverage if it will help answer my question.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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replied February 9th, 2005
As a ga resident you should be eligible for a cobra conversion policy. Call the doi in ga and explain your situation. They will determine if you are indeed eligible for a conversion plan and assign you to a carrier.

Depending on your health circumstances, there may be other options. I am a ga agent with 30 years experience and may be able to find other solutions. You can email me if you like. I think contact information may be stored on this site. If not I do receive notifications by email to responses and maybe we can figure out a way for us to get in contact without violating forum rules.

Bob vineyard, clu
atlanta, ga
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