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Feels Like Trapped Air

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I've read some of your views and mine is similar. Is there a cure for heart murmur who trigger chest pains? I read somewhere surgery could be a cure although it isnt recommended unless its absolutely neccessary; because the operation can be fatal!

My symptons:
lack of energy,
head aches,
shortness of breath,
perculiar pain on my left (around the nipple)

note: I seriously believe hunger has something to do with this. The pain, for me anyway, usually comes when im hungry or thirsty. When I eat, I feel much better which is where the cholestral issue comes into it. At least we all know what we're gonna die of. :d a
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replied March 28th, 2005
Re: Feels Like Trapped Air
Well, if you dont eat u can harm yourself. Ive learbed that becaue I wouldnt eat I waz never anorexic, or bulimic. And im having the same problems ive ruined myself I regret thiz. Just tak the best care of ur self. Don'tskip meals. Plz dont! Dont ruin yourself. And go to regular checkups. And when you feel it worst go that day or the day after dont go to much l8r. Tk.
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replied August 11th, 2005
Wot Is This?
Ok, so I dont get dizzy, I am never weak, I eat alot, take my vitamins etc, hardly am stressed... But I still have shorteness of breath and the chest pain(left) that kinda hurts and my heart beat sometimes is fast.
Cud this be a heart murmur??
Plus, ive had this pain b4 wen I was younger like age 12 or so... Just doesnt make sense...
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