I have been reading some of the posts and picked up a key word, joint lock! After I embroider for awhile my right thumb will lock up on me. Is this another symptom of lupus? I also have been newly diagnosed and am finding that this disease is a real bug a boo. People look at you like your crazy when you say you have lupus. "you don't look sick" is the usual response. I am on generic vicadin and that is the only life saver I have at this time. So hopefully this locked joints thing is not in my head also.
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replied March 31st, 2005
Joint Lock
Some people have severe joint lock-muscle cramp as they call it. It's mostly common pain for lupus patients, muscle cramp from both hands and legs. Your doctor can give you pills to surpress the pain....Remember to eat a lot of potassium foods, like a banana daily. Ask your doctor for u to test ana test to see if u have lupus or not.
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