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Lump on hard palate of mouth

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Hi everyone, I have a question because maybe some of you have had this before.

Ok, a few weeks ago, I felt a small lump on the roof of my mouth (hard palate) it was very painful at first, and I had alot of toothache in one of my front teeth.

Anyway, after examining the "lump" in the mirror, it looks like one of the ridges on the top of my mouth. It's just the same as all the others, except when I roll my tongue (of put my finger on it) I can feel a lump. I am male and 19 and very worried. It is about the size of spot that you get on your face, but maybe a bit smaller. Also, it seems quite soft and not a hard "lump."

it "seems" to change size too, somedays the lump (or swelling) is small, and sometimes it's bigger. But everyone who I have showed it to has said that it is one of the ridges on my hard palate, but I have no idea why a "lump" has suddenly formed there.

I thought I would ask for help on here, because if it's happening to me, it's bound to have happened to someone else too.

Any ideas on what this is? I am really starting to worry about it.

Thank you in advance
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replied January 26th, 2005
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Go see your dentist-it may be fine,but if you do not remember seeing or feeling it before-go get checked out.
Good luck,
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