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Hives & Throat Closing Here I Come!

Hello folks,

i am new to the board..But yes I have alot wrong with me.. But I feel im pretty healthy..Lol
anyway..I am allergic to (pork)..Can not even put it on my tonge at all..
Cannot eat ham,sausage,most hotdogs, pepperoni pizza, no veggies out in public all containe pork greese.. No gravys, its really been hard because most meat balls have pork in it and refried beans have pork juice in it.. So I really have to be carefull..

When I wasnt on meds.. I was breaking out all the time..
I now take daily.....(zertec and zantac together)..This was a expermint that my allergist though of.. Which for two years I have only had one allergic reaction.. And I guess it was a really bad case..
I had eaten some spinch spread that I got from costco..Dang u know us hungry women I ate the hole contain it was very good.. I read the ingredients it said nothing about pork..I thought iwas being careful..But.. Oh my god..
My lip started tingling..Im like oh no...No... And by midnight I looked like someone beat me up..My lip was swollen the top all the way up to my eye ... My bottom lip swollen too... So I went to bed thinking I would be ok..Not..... The next morning I couldnt swollow to well.. I had a lump in my throat.. It was closing up!!!
Hubby took me to hosptial and then dropped daughter off at school..
I stayed there at the hospital till about 2pm.. They put a ep pin in me and benadrill and someother things I took and in my iv.. I was sleeping like a baby.. But when I went home I was still swollen, the only thing that went down was my the lump in my throat..
I got that package out of trashed and re read it.. Still said nothing about whats in it.. Said nothing about pork or juices of pork.. But it had a taste of bacon in it or something.. But ingredients was not on the package.
Oh when u go out to eat ..Make sure u ask.. Not just the waiter ..She will tell u anything.. Ask her to ask the cook..Make sure u tell them u are extreamly allergic to something so they will know..
You might be suprised to know whats put in ure food..
Please be very carefully..If u think u are allergic to foods. You can die..If u are..Allegic to something.

My doctor said I wasnt allergic to pork.. But I am the one eating it..And if I eat it...Im in trouble..
It all started 5 years ago when I started the atkins diet.. I guess I ate too much white meat.. I will never know.. But at least I know to be very carefull and ask whats in my food and read packages...
Good luck to all..
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