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~severa Diarrhea Plus Constipation At Same Time~

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I tried to post the earlier and lost it somewhere~ but feel like some of u really need to know this.. Infomation..It might help someone else to know what my son has been going though for 6 to 8 weeks now..
It started the 1st week in dec..He came home from work very sick..Had severa diarrhea, sick at stomach, stomach cramps and pain ..I assumed he had a virus or food posion... So when he was well enought to go to hospital he went to the emergency room..After missing 1 1/2 week of work...Nothing was done for him no lab work, no feeling around.. They thought he had a virus as well.. Then a week went passed and he seemed better..At least I thought.. Then he came back home and was sick again.. Im thinking relasps of virus.. So off to the emergency room again..Still nothing was done..Well christmas comes and goes.. And the new years..Everything seemed ok.. I thought my son was going to work..He has two jobs...Thought he was going... But I didnt find out he wasnt until a few days ago..
He claims he was in too much pain to load any trucks or work at his other job either... So he would go and pretend he was going to work and sleep in a parking lot..Until time for him to come home... Not sure what he was scared of... But... He should have been up front with us so that we could get him help..Because this week he has really been sick..Big time..I felt so sorry for him...
Monday ..It started up again..
Totally severa diarrhe, sick at stomach, cramping double, with pain... I called and set up doctors appointment for tuesday.. At 3pm..
Once there doctor did lab work, sons white count was off big time.. Doctor pushed around on his stomach and found very tender spots.. The entire time at the office my son was running back and forth to the bathroom, I know he went over 100 times..So doctor wanted us to go to emergency room... Doctor set everything up.. (lot of good it did) we got there at about 6pm that night and waited and waited..The whole entire time I sat there waiting with him..He was running back and forth to the bathroom over 100 times ... He couldnt stay in the bathroom cause this waiting room only had one bathroom for each sex..So...
But he was final seen by a doctor at 11:45pm... The doctor seemed like he didnt want to do nothing and assume it was a virus himself.. But our doctor sent orders for a cat scan..Which this docotr let us have.. And when it came back this doctor said all he saw was stool.. And that was all..So he gave my son 8 kinds of meds to make him comfortable..Nothing to help get rid of the stool..
The next day I go to get the meds..And to check with his regular doctor to make sure they got the records from the emergecy room..It took the emergecy room one hour to fax records to the office..The entire time I sat waiting for what the doc needed to tell me... With a six year old..What fun!
Anyway the doctor told me to bring him back in..Thursday so when we got there he did more lab work.. And told us not to take the cramping meds or the pain killer because both causes constipation.. Which in his case will make him worse.. While there the doctor sits up a appointment for the same day for us to see a sergen.. We go one hour later.. This doctor is the only doctor that actally did a retal exam on him.. He said he has a very hard ball and if he was to pass this on his own ..It would be like having a baby and that I would hear him screem..
So he decided to give us some stuff that comes in a gallon jug cherry flavor that taste very nasty.. To start this the next day which is friday!
Friday morning at 6am...The sergen doctor calls... Guess he was thinking all night.. And decided that my son go to a gi doctor.. So both of my sons doctors talked to each other and confirmed what to do .. His regular doctor found us a g I doctor that he knows personally..And we went to him friday at 10am.. Didnt get seen by him till about 11:50am..
He took our case history...Which I had most faxed to him ..From doctors..And told us what he would do.. So he advised us to go next door to his out patient place and we did..
We waited another hour there and was sent back to get prep.. Which no way a enema was going up in there... Just wouldnt go...
So he took him without it to the back..While I waited...All kinds of thoughs going though my head.. What if he dies..What if they cant get it..What if he looses part of his colon...
Well the doctor walks in.. And tells me he has never seen so much hard poop in his entire life come out of one person.. He said my son had bunches of it in all 3 parts of his colon..
When my son came back to recovery...And the med wore off..
My son said he felt so much better... Came home and went to bed...
He is on a liquid diet only till monday.. But he has been on this since wed anyway.. He now feels as if he is starving to dealth.. He wont eat soup.. So hes drinking and eating popsciles..
I think he has learned a lesson.. He says hes eating healthy foods from now on..He goes back to the colon doctor this coming tuesday for a recheck and goes to the regular doctor as well..
If anyone else thinks they are sick like this dont wait..Waiting causes it to pile up inside your colon... Doctor said if it keeps on doing this you can die..Because you colon can explode and the stuff inside can kill you..
So please beware ...Take notice..If you stay constipated alot and are not normal you make think about getting a stool softerner something u can take daily to keep u soft and not hard..
Also you can go to gnc..And tell them you want a colon cleanser.. Its a pill u take with lots of liquids..Its supose to clean u out..
Look up on the internet.. Sites about colon and colon cleansing, and parisites in your colon.. You may not know this but us humans can have bugs, worms and parisites in our colon which can make us very sick..
I hope someone else can read this, which my son suffered though this week and learn something from this..
And I hope and pray my son will change his eating habits.. And change to eating at least one bowl of raisin bran every day.. A nurse told us this would help keep him regular..
So for now..This is where we are at..He is feeling better.. Staving ..But ok..
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