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What the Heck Is Wrong With Me!!!

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A few months ago I was diagnosed as having a peptic ulcer or the start of one, I was stressed and if I didn't eat i'd get pain just below my ribcage, once I ate it was ok for a while, my doctor didn't send me for tests she just told me it was an ulcer probably and to take it easy. I then quit my job and started working for myself and it eased off a heck of a lot.

Anyway, I started gettiong pains in my shoulder blade which I believe are caused by sitting at the pc all day doing my job, I went to the doctors again and she prescribed me with difene for the pain but told me that as I had had a bad stomach that I should also take 300mg of gertac ranitidine with them. I did so and the pains in my stomach came back with a vengence!!! My lower back began to hurt constantly and also after eating my stomach cramped and I got the pains before eating again, I figured it was my ulcers and the difene had probably done the damage so I stopped taking them and started to just take the gertac instead. It eased a little but is still cramping up at night after I eat, I stopped drinking and eating spicy food but its really the pain in my lower back that is worrying me, what could it be.

I also developed some bad mouht ulcers and yesterday found one on my tongue that looks like a 3mm white spot that has swolen my tongue up over its normal size, what the heck is it? Is it related? Whats wrong with my back? Is it my kidneys? Help!!!!!!!!!!!
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replied February 4th, 2005
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You need to go see a gastronenterologist. My primary care physician told me I had an ulcer as well, but the only way to know for sure it to see a specialist & have a endoscopy. I have an upper gi endoscopy monday along with a colonoscopy to find out why i'm having all this pain in my ribs & stomach. He has ruled out the liver & pancreas...With a cat- scan.

Hope you find something out.

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