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Post Polio & Bipolar Disorder

Is there anyone out there who is experiencing this or has a loved one who is experiencing this? Thank you.
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First Helper lizz50

replied July 7th, 2008
PPS and Bipolar
Hi yes I am diagnosed as PPS and BPII. I do have to say the bipolar syndrome is prevalent among other siblings to different degrees. I take medication and usually my BP is well controlled. I have some bouts of hypomania and some depressive symptoms at other times. I would be haappy to answer any questions I couldon either subject as I have seen BP at both extremes in my family and have made it a point to educate myself quite extensively on it.

I am fortunate, in that I was diagnosed with the post polio at Spaulding Rehabilatation Center in Framingham by Dr. Julie Silver, who was very influential in getting the Syndrome addressed and researched.

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replied April 27th, 2011
polio and bipolar disorders
I had polio in Pennsylvania in 1968 (yes 1968). I am currently 43 years old. When I turned about 18 I started to have what the doctors called "states of confusion". They always discounted any symptoms I had with depression from polio. I do not have any pps symptoms but just in the past month I have been diagnosed being bipolar. I spent my entire life from age 18 until 43 being sad every day. I would cry all the time for no reason. I would be like this for months at a time. Then I would get happy and I would accomplish so much until one day it would all come crashing down again. When i reached about age 35-40 my stress from everything started heart palpitations during panic attacks. The panic attacks slowly got worse and worse as years went on. Over the last 6 months I went to the hospital at least 15 times KNOWING I was dying. It was that bad. Finally I found a good family doctor and he ran tests, put me on zoloft (and xanax for panic attacks). It has totally changed my life. I have barely once had even a sad moment. I can now concentrate and think clearly. I feel better at age 43 than i did at 19. has great info on both pps and bipolar. My advice is to tell your friend to talk to their doctor about zoloft or something similar and he/she doesnt have to have manic/depressive days ever again. It will change their life forever like they are new people. Of course everyone is different, this is why i suggest talking to the doctor about these things. It saved my life. i can be contacted any time. Mike. I will answer any and all questions. Please put polio in the subject so i dont think it is spam.
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replied August 22nd, 2011
I have severe residuals of polio from the waste down. This past May 2011 I was diagnosed with Major Non-Psychotic Depression and Social Anxiety. It has gotten really bad and the doctor is trying to find the right medications for me. So far, just recently he gave me a few tabs of .05 mg of Xantax and it has helped me tremendously.
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