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Headache Due to Head Injury..wont Go Away!

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:cry: on christmas eve, coming out of best buy last day of shopping we had ice everywhere on streets and parking lots..Coming out I slipped and hit my head very hard..I landed on my back & but but my head hit first.. I laid there holding my head and the only people helping me was my kids..
Went to emergency room had cat scan and x rays..Everything normal..Nothing wrong..But
every day since then the top of my head hurts and aches all day.. Lots of times I dont notice it as much cause I stay busy but late in the day I feel it the worst.Expecially at night while trying to sleep...Headache pills sometimes help but not always..I take prescription meds for headaches as well..With no releif in site..
I dont know what to do!! It hurts on the top of my head.. Not sure if its pressure or what.. Also where I hit the back of my head it is still sore to the touch..
Any advice is great...Thanks blue~
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replied July 15th, 2008
See a neurologist?
I do hope you have figured out what is going on with your headaches. I also would have helped you had I been in that parking lot when you fell. I am so sorry no one responded or at least came otwelcome you to I am now! I'd suggest seeing a neurologist. Please come back and update us on your condition!
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replied May 14th, 2009
I would definitely recommend seeing a chiropractor too! I had something similar happen to me and to top it all off I have started training for a new sport, which has begun to wreak havoc on my body. I'm a mess, but I was much worse a while ago. I am now going through chiropractic treatments - they're a huge help!
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replied August 17th, 2009
Maybe look into trying cranial sacral therapy for your headaches.
Mike q
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