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Hi, im new here and for ever since I can remember i've had a tight foreskin. I didnt think anything of it when I was young, and at the age of 14 I heard that if you have had a tight foreskin since as far back as you can remember, its usually primary phomosis and has a great chance of gentle retraction over time.

Unfortunately, it didnt retract easily and through great frustration I tried forceful retraction of the foreskin - this only lead to small rips, sometimes unintentional as it happened quite easily and I started to form small whitish bumps around the opening which I presummed to be scars. This worried me intensely and have never really disappeared even until this day (im now 19), but I notice if I practice great levels of hygiene, these can slowly decrease in visual appearance - does this mean it could be something to do with hygiene, gradual healing? Or do these never go away?

I heard of some treatments such as partial circumcision which loosens the opening enough if you have primary phomosis but I am worried about the current health around the opening and the outcome that may follow.

I have a girlfriend right now (my first, to be exact. I've never engaged in any form of sexual activity because of this), and her getting closer to me only makes me more anxious. I read up that I could damage the erectile tissue with the retraction I have performed in the past but these scars go no further than 1 cm down from the opening (could these be removed with partial circumsion? I dont want to lose too much foreskin however). I really dont want to be disfigured in this area, and am worried after the operation how my girlfriend would react.

Could someone please reply to this? I would like to go to the doctor, but would really like someone to give me some feedback first as what to do. Any reassurance especially!! Would be a great help.

Thanks loads, rich.
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replied March 20th, 2005
I had a tight foreskin also, and I could just about m anage to retract it but it was equally painful in bringing the foreskin back to normal. It wasnt paraphimosis though.

I had had sex but it was not comfortable, and had bj's also. My skin ripped once when my gf was giving me a hj, and I started bleeding.

3 yrs ago (i am 32) I decided to do a circumcision after talking with a doctor and a urologist. I am so much happier now although I have not had a proper gf since having it done but I have had bj's and intercourse. Believe me, I enjoy it now. I dont worry about holding my penis in a certain way when i'm getting a bj, I can let her 'handle' me without worry.

Also,in some funny way, it looks bigger! :)
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replied December 17th, 2008
Dude, i'm 13 and I think I have Phomosis, exept, well, It might be like, major major phimosis or something because the only opening in my foreskin is a hole thats smaller that a pinhead! I'm on my parents computer right now trying to figure out and i'm waaaaay too embarrased to seek medical attention. (i hope this doesn't get traced back somehow, that would make things really shitty)

replied August 25th, 2009
I am also 13 and can't pull my foreskin back as much as I want to, it will go back so a bit of the head is visible but only when it's wet and if I try pulling it back more it hurts me, pretty embarressin so don't wanna tell no1 but does anyone think this will change over time?
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replied September 2nd, 2009
Hi guys listen, if u have phimosis then go to your doctors don't be embarassed there is nothing they have not seen before, remember that! It's what they are there for!

I suffered from phimosis for years yes I had all the tears the White scars the pain during intercourse and retracting my foreskin back years of embarasment and pain..............

Then I spoke to my doctor and a urologist and I was circumcised 2 days ago! I just wish I had it done sooner!! The op is a fast and simple one I was put to sleep and out of hospital the same day, the pain is not that bad at all to be honest as I have been given appropriate pain killers by the hospital I imagined it to be a lot more painfull than what it really is.

My girlfreind actually prefers it circumcised as it's a hell of a lot cleaner and bigger looking due to no foreskin and i have read that it takes a lot longer to cum, the only downside to this is there is not as much feeling there as before.....

Overhall I am very happy And can't believe I went thru years of hell with phimosis And it's all been cured by getting cut I can't wait till it's healed in about 2 weeks so I can bang her silly! Haha, she has promised to kiss it better too woop!

Guys remember if ur suffering with this then get to a doctor as they have seen everything a thousand times over and don't make the same mistake I did and just leaving it btw circumcision is not the only option there is steroid creams etc etc u can allways try

farewell, mat n Kelly x
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