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Help!! I'm Stressed Out, Could I Have Shingles Again?

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I'm so stressed out right now. I've noticed a raised red rash on my arm at the elbow that itches like crazy and that burns when I scratch. I've also began to itch on my leg and back on that side. I've had shingles before and the rash sort of reminds me of that time. Could I have shingles again, and how soon should I go to the doctor to get it checked out?
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replied January 26th, 2005
Hives Perhaps
Hey hun, its possible that you may have hives, you may have had an innocent itch then on seeing some kind of irritation stressed over getting shingles again. Go to a local chemist/pharmacy and let them look at it. Try and calm down a little it may be as simple as some anti-histimines.
Goog luck
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