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Thyroid Nodules


i am new to this part of the forum. I usually frequent the pregnancy boards. Considering i'm 23 weeks pregnant. I have "several" small nodules on my thyroid found via ultrasound. I went to visit a specialist and during the first visit he didn't seem concerned. He showed me the ultrasound report and it seems the largest nodule was only 4mm. He told me to return in 6 weeks. Yesterday the visit happen and he felt my neck and said it seemed to be larger. He told me I should get another ultrasound in 3 months and a minute later changed his mind and said two months. Then he started talking to me about fnb. I read up on this and it says most Dr.S don't perform this unless there is a nodule that is larger then 1cm. If my nodule is growing this fast and me being pregnant and him not wanting to do anything until the baby is born do you think its anything to be worried about or do you think that he is just taking it safe? I've read up on all the cancers and I know that 50% of the population has nodules and over 90% turn out not to be cancer. Has anybody had thyroid cancer and what did it start out llike? Or has anybody had nodules before they were pregnant that swelled up while they were pregnant. He said this could happen to. I'm actually getting kind of worried by all this. Help would be appreciated
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replied December 22nd, 2010
tyhroid nodules
hi I have a question. I am 43 y/o and find a nodule in my noeck arround tyhroid. I had a sono from thyroid and it shows multi nodule in both lobes the larger nodule 11 mm at right lobe and my TSH is normal. what will be the next plan for me. I would like to know a doctor told me to do FNA. Is it goodor not I am confused. Doea taking drugs like levothyroxin can help? Please help me to know .Thanks a lot
sincerely yours,
Katayoon M. Joneidi
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