I have a cold sore and am confused as to what this means. If I have sexual contact with my mouth to genitals...Can I spread herpes ii? I understand that cold sores are herpes 1...So..Is the only difference between herpes I & ii where the are located? When is it not infectious?
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replied April 14th, 2005
There's no way to know without laboratorial tests whether you have herpes type I or type ii. Although type I is more common to the mouth and type ii is more common to the genital area, either can be found in either location, due to the increased rate of oral sex nowadays.

The only difference of significance between type 1 and type ii is that type 1 causes less breakouts than type ii.

And both are always infectious, although to different degrees.

And yes, if an infected mouth is put to the genital area, you can spread herpes - type I or ii.

And cold sores can be caused by type I or type ii.
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replied June 13th, 2005
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An open sore is always infectious. The virus can survive on drinking glasses, toothbrushes or anything it comes in contact with. Do not have oral sex when you have a cold sore. It can be spread very easily.
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