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Getting Insurance With Pre-exisiting Conditions

I am a 27yo male overweight and I have sarcoidosis, my wife is 24 in good shape with no issues.

We have been running an online business for three years and I am looking to quit my dat job and make it a full time thing, my problem is every insurance company I call says there is no way they will cover anything pre-exisiting and a few insurance companies in florida have told me I can get a 'group' plan for about $400 for the both of us and this seems just too good to be true so I realize it probably is.

We live in ma now but have a house in florida which we will be moving into within the next few months but insurance is my main worry and I am not sure of who to trust as far as agents and I do not know enough about this and all of the small print confuses me so I am really at a loss as for what to do and how to go about finding a solution.

We are probably going to want to have kids inthe next few years and I have even seen companies who do not cover maternity!! It is really crazy and I am amazed that here in the us it is such a problem to get decent health care even if your willing to pay.

I have also heard something about canada offering free health care? I do not know much about it just something I heard and I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this, if all reality if I have to sell our house and move to canada to ensure I won't ever have to worry about healthcare then that may be the only solution but not something I would look forward too.

Thanks in advance

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replied February 9th, 2005
Overweight can be an issue, as those considered morbidly obese are automatic declines. The sarcoidosis may be a bigger issue depending on the degree of infiltration of the disease, which organs (if any) have been affected, how long you have had the disease, and future treatments.

If you elect cobra when you leave your current employer you can continue that coverage for up to 18 months. That will afford you coverage for current conditions such as sarcoidosis.

Once cobra runs out you may be able to pick up a conversion plan in the state where you reside, or if fl has a high risk pool, you may be placed in that.

Small group laws vary from state to state (as do other laws governing insurance) so fl may be one of those states where 2 or more comprise a group. Even then most carriers do not consider a married couple to be considered 2 people but rather treat them as one.

Both husband and wife would have to be employed by the same company, not different companies. Payroll records would be required initially and ongoing to assure the carrier is insuring a valid group.

Most individual policies do not offer maternity benefits and most that do still have out of pocket expenses of $4000 or more. The maternity benefit is usually a dollar swap between the insured and the carrier, between the waiting periods and deductibles. You might be better off with a qualified hdhp and hsa to fund the delivery expenses.

Some states require coverage for complications of pregnancy even if the policy does not cover normal delivery.

Group plans, because of their mandatory compliance with hipaa are usually quite expensive relative to individual plans. It is not unusual to find a group plan costing double what comparable benefits would be in an individual plan.

Canada does have socialized medicine supported by a rather hefty income tax. Many canadians frequently travel to the us for elective procedures rather than wait 2 years or more until their turn comes.

Health care can be affordable as long as you are reasonable in what you want covered. Like anything else, the more you want the higher the price.

Bob vineyard, clu
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replied July 13th, 2005
Guaranteed Acceptance Health Coverage Plans
I know it may seem like all hope is lost but there are companies out there who offer discount health plans. Could something like this help you?

They include both insured and uninsured benefits.

Ever hear of these guys? Securahealth.Com

it's cheaper than insurance! That's for sure.
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replied July 17th, 2005
Medical With Pre-existing Conditions
I have a website that may be helpful to you Mybenefitsplus.Com/bcorley it is very informative for people without insurance. This is not insurance but a supplement package at a reasonable cost.

victor and beverly corley
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replied August 1st, 2005
Pre-existing Condition
I was dropped by mutual of omaha in dec. '03 (after twenty years and no claims) and have been living under great stress because I cannot get coverage now. Is there any hope for someone who is 60 years old and has parkinson's?
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replied August 22nd, 2005
here is an option
form a payroll with both you and your wife on it.
Then you can put a group plan in place. That way you could cover maternity. You must have both you and your wife on a w2.

Good luck
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replied December 11th, 2005
Ameriplanusa Discount Health/dental Plan
Take a look at ameriplan based in texas over 12 years old the largest of its kind in the usa. No waiting period, no annual limit, no deductible, no claim forms, pre-existing conditions o.K. - start right away!

good luck!

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replied December 13th, 2005

I believe massachusetts is a guaranteed issue state, which means pre-existing conditions will not apply.

Best wishes.

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replied March 22nd, 2008
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