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Irritated Meatus (pee Hole)

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I had unprotected sex in mid september. I developed a fungus from this encounter. The fungus was just a small spot at the base of the glans. After several weeks trying topical antifungals I went to the doctor and was given ketaconizole. This killed the fungus in two weeks.
Right about 3 months after the sexual encounter I started having this pain and minor redness around the meatus. I immediatley went to the doctor who didnt think anything was wrong but treated me for gonorea and chlamydia. They also took a culture. The lab results are not back yet since we are in a remote location.
Well about two weeks after being treated for those two stds my symptoms persisted. I went back to the doctor and after much discussion I got him to treat me for trich and yeast.
Now its been a week and a half and no relief.
The pee hole(meatus) is slightly swollen around the top and also slightly red. It feels worse than it looks. Underware really irritate it.
I have no discharge that I can see.
Another thing that I have noticed since the sexual encounter is that during an erection the top portion of the meatus is not closed. It is always open during an erection. This is the area that is irritated all the time.
I was given rocephin, azithromiacyn, flagyl and duflican.
When the lab results come back I will know if I was ever even infected but since the treatment didnt work is it safe to say that I have nothing infectious?
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replied February 13th, 2018
I think you need to see another doctor because the one you have isn’t taken this very serious and if it makes you worried you need to see someone who knows what there doing you know keep us posted on what happens next thanks and good luck
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