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addiction, depression and eating disorder

Hi everyone!

Please don't think i'm one of those obnoxious researchers who logs onto these sites to "poll" or take advantage of people or invading privacy.

I am a member of this forum, and have been suffering from addiction, depression and an eating disorder for years.

The only thing that makes me happy is writing, and I realized that with my experiences and hopefully, the experiences others are willing to contribute and share, I can put together a collection of honest, inspiring, and poignant stories that may help other people avoid going through what we already are going through. So please, if anyone is willing to share their experience (whether through submitting an existing entry/post or writing a new one) please respond. It would be completely anonymous of course unless you choose to disclose either your full or first name, whatever you are comfortable with.

If you need any more information or if you prefer to private message me your story rather than post it, please feel free to do so. I want to point out that I want this collection to be raw, brutal, and strong...Different from a "chicken soup for the soul" type series...So please don't be afraid to be graphic or vulgar- do not censor yourselves!

Thanks so much in advance for those who participate and I guarentee I will keep you updated throughout the entire process!!!


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