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18 Yrs. Old And Needs Knee Replacement.

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Hi i'm 18 yrs. Old and I had a giant cell tumor in my right leg. It did massive damage to the cartilage and proximial tibia. My doctor said he has to take a good size portion of bone from both sides of my pelvic bone. Even so he still has to use artificial bone graft.

I was wondering if the joint is going to be one of those temporary deals that ends up getting loose and falling apart after about a decade? Also what type of impact (short and long term) can I expect the surgery to have on my pelvic bone?

Also he did mention that if the tumor comes back during this 8 month waiting period that he has to do a joint fusion and put a metal rod in my leg. Does anyone know if there is an alternative to this unwanted treatment?

Thanks in advance.
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replied February 7th, 2005
I too am 18 and will need a knee replacement soon... I was playing high school football when I took a shot to my knee and blew out my acl and 80 percent of my cartilage... This was when I was 16 and through playing more football and power lifting... (dead lifting, and squats mainly) the femur is starting to crack and send bone fragments into my join casing severe swelling
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