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Estrogen Receptor Negative,mri Screenings,fast Growing Tumor

i am new to this forum and I am looking for some answers.I would much rather listen to other womens recommendations that have experienced breast cancer than another doctor! I am considered very high risk for breast cancer.I have already had 12 breast biopsies,been in a clinical trial to prevent breast cancer and do everything right! Excersize,eat right,breast fed 3 children there isn't a thing I haven't seem to try to do to get rid of this problem.So far no breast cancer, numerous different pathologies like fibroadenomas,adh,apocrine metaplasia...Everything under the sun! There is a possibility I could have the pten gene.I come from a large family and nobody else has had any problems except my aunt who died from breast cancer in her 60s she also was a smoker and a drinker. The mutation could be spontaneous and began with me. That is besides the point. I just finished my clinical trial and my biomarkers at the end of the trial were worse than when I started. The doctors recommendation were to have my ovaries,uterus,and breasts removed regardless of whether or not I test positive for this gene or not. I am 47yrs old and haven't started to go through menopause yet. My mammograms are tough to read because my breasts are more than 75% dense and when they do ultrasounds they always see so much activity going on you can't biopsy every area all the time. They called last week and told me after my last ultrasound to get in and have a mri asap.It scared me half to death..I have never had one before!I always have several areas that pop up that you can feel all the time that you can't image well.

My 1st question is has anyone had er- breast cancer and is it as terrifying as it sounds? My 2nd question is how accurate is mri for screening purposes? My 3rd question has anyone regardless of great screening including mammograms,ultrasounds,and mris had cancer just seem to pop up overnight? Please someone help with any of these questions I really need your help! Thans so much

i am so scared!!!!!!!!!!!!! :shock:
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