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So suppose you starve and do the usual bad stuff to lose weight but ur weight is holding steady in the 120s? At 5'4, that is a normal weight. For some reason it now takes me months even to lose 2 lbs or so (maybe b/c i've lost over 90 already) despite everything that I do.

Okay, I feel like crap, but i'm not underweight and i'm not going to get that way. So what's wrong with what i'm doing? I totally don't agree with my shrink telling me to go to a hospital if I can't get it under control. Whatever...They'd throw me right out of there at my weight.

And what's up w/ 1/2 the people I work with saying I will blow away if I lose more weight and the other 1/2 telling me I look good, and then family members telling me I look weak and sick and too thin. At 128 lbs?? I don't think so!! And none of these people know what I do to lose weight.

I see the end justifying the means in this case. I need to lose this blubber that's making me so unhappy. I really don't have a choice anyway. Nothing will happen to me at my weight, especially since the weight loss has slowed down so much, so anyone who shows concern for me is very uneducated in my opinion.
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replied March 30th, 2005
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I'm sorry oyou feel this way. I guess its like you dont know who to listen to because you dont know whos being honest?! Yeah I have had people tell me i'm too skinny and weak and others tell me i'm lucky and shouldn't ever want to be different. At 5'4 I guess 128 is good. Its all about you being happy I guess. Maybe you should just try working with someone to build up self- esteem and stuff.To try and start believing in yourself. Find a hobby, something to do to calm youself maybe?Be happy, be healthy and keep me posted :d
ps: i'm sorry to be giving you so much advice. I know i'm being a hypocrite because I go through some of this stuff and I should be doing some of the stuff I told you like counselor :d . This is just to let you know you're not alone at all.
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replied April 28th, 2005
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When you lose weight, you reach a weight plateu.

This means you have to increase your workout to lsoe weight.


This is for people who ea thealthy diets and excersise, if a person goes to the gym and weighs 215 pounds and loses 30 pounds, they might reach there weight loss plateu (the peak) and need to up there gym schedule.

How to lsoe weight:
eat healthy and excersise moderatly.
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