I have been told by my dr that I have both migrains and cluster headaches. The cluster headaches happen frequently, several times a week where the migrains aren't as regular. I find that the migrains happen more often around that time of the month. I've been dealing with these for a year or so now and can take imitrex for the migrains and it works great but nothing helps the cluster headaches. I've also become nautious and dizzy lately and not sure if that has anything to do with the headaches or not. Is anyone else familiar with cluster headaches and if it's normal to become nautious and dizzy over time with these? Thanks for any help.
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replied November 1st, 2003
Migraine/cluster Headaches
Crying or Very sad sorry to hear you may be a suffer , i`ll been a sufferof cluster headaches for nearly 15 yrs now ,no fun either. I never recall ever becoming dizzy or stuff but I have my trigers down now that I can tell pretty much when one is coming on unless i`m asleep and that has happen alot , i`d wake up in the night with one and its to late for pain medications then ,its a long night i`ll tell you!!!!My cluster headaches usualy lasting on average 4 to 5 hours at the end I literally throw up (sorry for the bluntness) !! Mine usually come on about every 26 to 30 hours you set a watch by them really!!!! My doctor has me on lithuim and perocet for pain ,work good for me , except it takes about 10 to14 days for the lithuim to level out and pervent them from coming on ,but it does work pretty good for me ,ho[pefully you too. Best of luck to you from one suffer to another you`ll be in my prayers
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