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Can Anyone Help Me to Be Able to Exercise?

First of all, hello everybody, i'm new to your forum. I'm a 42 year old electrical designer from nor. Cal. Usa. I've been married for 15 years and share 6 children (b,g,g,b,g,g ages 24 - 11) with my wonderful wife. I have had asthma for 40 years and have been through every kind of concievable medical treatment know to the western world. I qualified for treatment at the children's asthma research institute and hospital c.A.R.I.H. From 1971 - '73 and learned that to survive the horrifying effects of chronic asthmatic affliction I needed to have victory in the psycological front. Mind over matter we called it - (today they call this denial!)

this worked really well for me from my adolesence through most of my thirties until 1998. I had contracted the flu that winter and had been "sucking it up", self medicating with my rescue inhaler & "left-over" prednisone, continuing to work as an electrical contractor until it all came to a spiralling dance with the devil at 4:00 am when I almost expired in the emergency room at the local hospital. I spent 4 days in the hospital recovering, two months off work and was told that I had permanent lung damage and could not do any heavy physical activity ever again.

Not a man to be held back that was a hard "pill" to swallow (pardon the pun). To make a long story short, I took the lemons I had been given and made lemonade - I taught myself autocad and viola! - all my years in construction doing what I loved to do had made me an invaluable asset to any electrical engineer. I landed a great job at a san francisco bay oil refinery's research facility and my family was saved.

Now having said that, here is where I am now: I have a published allergy specialist as my physician and he tells me that i'm as good as i'll ever get. I'm taking advair 500/50 twice a day and using an albuterol rescue inhaler about 3 times a week. Because of my inability to do physical work or exercise I have ballooned from a lean mean 225lbs to 320 at 6'2".

My problem is, I can't exercise. I have no stamina- my muscles get oxigen starved before I can get to the point where i'm making any difference. My doctor says there isn't anything I can do to increase my lung capacity (which is at about 53%). Will I be able to do any good by using no impact type machines - is there any breathing exercises that might help expand my lung capacity or maybe even reverse the so-called permanent damage? I tried the atkins diet and lost 30 pounds or so - I let my diet laps a year ago and i'm back up to 305 i'm doing the atkins again but i'm afraid it's all meaningless unless I am able to exercise.

Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated!
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replied January 10th, 2005
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I wonder if some sort of low-impact yoga might be the best thing for you. It focuses on building muscle tone, flexibility and can incorporate breathing exercises if you want it to (there are many types of yoga out there.. You may have to do some research). Building muscle in itself can help with increasing your metabolism without getting you out of breath.. Have you tried getting a tread mill and maybe just walking for a few minutes several times throughout the day? Maybe just walking for 5-10 minutes in morning and maybe again in the evening might also be enough to get your muscles going without causing you problems..
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replied February 17th, 2005
Kick Your Doctor In the Butt!!

i have just seen your post from january.
If you are still having troubles, I would recommend you to try some alternative medicine . I have been using for my patients muramyl peptides and many of them gets dramatic relief better than any medical therapy. You may try also some aloe vera extract as well, there are so many other natural products that you may use.
If you can find a doctor to do some special stool testing and aquainted with functional medicine that will be also a good option.

Feel free to contact me if I can be of any help to you.


nabil khoury,md
iowa state
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replied February 25th, 2005
Re: Can Anyone Help Me to Be Able to Exercise?
There is ongoing asthma research (paul lehrer) tending to show that there may well be a different scientific basis for doctors to assess asthma treatments like yoga so far considered to be alternative and beyond the pale. Treatments are supported by any finding that the hrv (heart rate variability) the healthy ability of the heart to keep pace with changing loads is up to standard. It can be measured with devices such heartmath, heart tuner and a number of others and also certain types of pulse watches as used for sport.

So the question for your doc might not be so much “what is the best asthma drug for me?” but “what gives me safety from attacks with no/minimum drug use?”. He might then recommend diaphragmatic breathing. Regards, richard friedel
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replied September 10th, 2011
Use the Powerbreathe effect. Breathing in through a sort of choke leads to energetic nose breathing. This has a solid reputation in the treatment of asthma so that the asthma drug era may soon be a thing of the past.
The training may be 15 minutes twice daily leading to diaphragmatic breathing and activation of functional nose breathing so that it is really pleasant and invigorating.

Great credit is due to the magnificent work of Professor Alison McConnell in England in demonstrating the safety of this technique.. However the effect may also be performed by defining the choke as a gap between the lips and one’s thumb. This will show the benefit of voluntarily narrowing nose passages on inhaling. This opens the bronchi.

Find a cooperative doctor for advice about possibly stopping carrying an asthma spray around with you. RF Private messages welcome.
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