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Raised Bump On Forearm

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About a year ago, I noticed a small red bump on my arm... By small, I mean about the size of a pea...
The bump has become larger and is ab out the size of two slices of a bannana.
The bump shows itself most of the time, but sometimes will "blend in" with my skin, yet it still feels a bit hard.
Sometimes this bump will raise more and be bright red *mainly when I get wet, hot, or stressed* or even turn purple or blue *this just recently started happening*...
It's sensitive to the touch

does anyone know what this could possibly be? I've put off going to the doctor about it because my doctor quit practicing and i'm about to move and have no clue about any of the doctors where i'm moving to. It has recently started worrying me more and more as I see it get bigger and bigger. :? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks

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replied April 16th, 2009
i have the same thing actually. i have had a small bb sized ball under the skin just below the bend of my elbow for the past few months. it is very sensitive to touch and pressure, is usually really warm and red, and has really been bothering me for the past few days. i went to the student health center at school yesterday and the doctor said that it was just a cyst and not to worry about it unless it starts to grow.
she said to gently rub my finger over it once daily just to monitor it's size.
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