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Knee Replacement With Below Knee Amputation

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I have been a below knee amputee, left leg, for 30 years. Now I am on a waiting list to have a total left knee replacement. My surgeon cannot give me the information I want because he says that there aren't the statistics available on the subject. Doe's anyone know of someone who has had it done, or have themselves had it done, I would love to talk about, regards col :(
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replied February 5th, 2012
Colin: Did you ever get a response from anyone?
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replied February 5th, 2012
Especially eHealthy

If you are asking if a total knee replacement can be placed on the same side as a BKA (below knee amputation), the answer is maybe.

Yes, it has been done. But, it depends upon how long the residual stump is, if there are any scars up around the knee, how good the bone stock is around the knee, the range of motion of the knee, and anything else that might compromise the surgery.

The procedure would have to be done at a facility that deals with complex replacements. Just any total joint surgeon would probably not be able to do it. But, again, it has been done. Each case has to be evaluated individually.

Here are some articles on the subject:

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Good luck.
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