i have had de-habilitating migraines since the age of six. Typically they last from 1-3 days. I'm looking for something, anything that would relive the pain. I've tried multiple medications (talwin, percocet, codine, fiorinal, morphine, imatrex, toradol and more), all with little to no results. I've also tried many of the new and old daily medications that are supposed to prevent migraines. None have worked so far.

My family doctor tells me I have some liver enzymes that prevent most narcotics from taking effect (apparently a common thing, or so i'm told).

Recently i've been prescribed nortriptyline and trazodone, they have decreased the frequency of the migraines by about 20%.

The only thing that i've ever had that actually works is demerol (iv injections in the er).

Is there something that may work that doesn't require a long wait in the er?
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replied November 5th, 2003
Migraine: Reply to Hawkeye
Hi hawkeye!

I'm a fellow canadian. I'm from montreal. Where are you from?

I've been through every med in the book both prophylactic and abortive for migraine.

To answer your question, have you ever tried a med called dhe (dihydroergotamine)? Its used to abort a migraine in progress and comes in two forms: a nasal spray called migranal and one for self injection simply called dhe. Dhe is not an opiate medication. The medication is actually designed for migraine specifically.

My neurologist first tried migranal nasal spray on me and it failed miserably many years ago. But on my last appt, I asked him to prescribe the self-injectable version instead. He agreed knowing I work in a hospital and could find a nurse to teach me how to properly inject it below the skin, or sub-cutaneously.

Dhe has been given to me many times in emerg and is usually what I ask for in emerg, along with decadron (a steroid) and maxeran (an antinausea drug), all three drugs in iv form. Believe me, since I use the emerg dept in the hospital I work in, the nurses and doctors know to give me exactly what I ask for.

As for the abortive meds i've been on that have failed, the list is about as long as yours! Let's see: fiorinal c1/4, atasol-8, imitrex tabs and nasal spray, zomig tablets, maxalt tabs and wafers, indocid (allergic), stemetil, toradol

preventative meds that have failed: sandomigran, desyrel, feverfew ( severely allergic), nortriptyline, vitamin b2, epival (depakote in the us), seroquel,coenzyme q10

i'm currently on elavil (that's worked wonders in the past 8 years i've been on it) and topamax (relatively new to me so my neurologist and I will see if it works) to prevent the migraines.

For migraines in progress...I'm on dhe injections, amerge, and voltaren.

Hope this info helps!
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replied December 2nd, 2003

Although I have tried many medications both abortive and prophylactic for migraines, I have also tried vitamin b2, coenzyme q10, and feverfew for migraine prevention.

As for homeopathy, I don't believe in it at all, especially with the market being unregulated in canada.

Furthermore, i'm asthmatic and taking herbs (when I took feverfew I went into bronchospasms) can activate a severe asthmatic reaction.

I'm also not sure if you were replying to my response to hawkeye or to hawkeye's post.

Thanks either way!
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replied December 2nd, 2003
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I was responding to 'hawkeye"'s message anyway.

Also homoeopathic medicine is a medical science. We believe or don't in science to our own benefit.

As far as the availability of homoeopathic medicines in canada is concerned, I really regret it as so many people are unable to benefit from the same.
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