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Is It to Early to Tell?

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Hello everyone happy new year!
I have been having symptoms of being pregnant. I am tired sleeping alot, very bloated, my stomach just feels weird, my boobies feel a little tender but i've also been getting alot of tingling, sharp pains to my nipples. I've got a lot of lower back pain nothing that isn't tolerable just discomfort. Just every once in a while this past week I have gotten a few cramps but more quizzie than anything. I've also been a little nauseated and have been dizzy several times. I am suppose to start on monday the 10th, and I have taken a couple of pregnancy tests. One over the weekend and one this morning both were negative. Is it to early yet? Has anyone else experience this. I am hoping to be pregnant and I don't know if maybe I am just wanting it so bad that it's in my head. If anyone has experienced this and got a positive please let me know your experience.

Thanks so much

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replied January 8th, 2005
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It depends on when you ovulated. Thats not really to early to be getting symptoms, alot of girls have symptoms b4 their missed period. My sister started getting those symptoms a week b4 her missed period. She had 3 days of cramping, which was probably implantation and she tested on the day of her missed period and it came up positive. She also tested 4 days b4 her missed period and it came up negative, so just wait til yo period is due.

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