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Urine Smells Like Finger Nail Polish Remover???

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Can someone please help me. I was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 9 months ago. Before I went into the hospital my urine smelled exactly like finger nail polish remover and I remember the doctor saying something about it but I can't remember what it meant. It's happening again and I was just wondering if someone knew what it meant.

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replied February 17th, 2006
You were most likely experencing diabetic acidosis
Netdoctor.Co.Uk/diseases/facts/diabeticaci dosis.Htm

it occurs with severly high blood sugar and leads to acetone forming in your stomach, which would by why your urine smelled like nail polish remover...

And though this post is a little late, anytime it occurs (and it shouldn't occur if you are properly maintaining your blood sugar) you need to call an abulance and go to the hospital...
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replied May 4th, 2010
I agree with the very useful post above by bobbyt.

If your urine smells of nail polish remover, it is probably because it contains ketone bodies (which are made up of acids and acetone). Ketone bodies should not show up in urine, but if they do (as in Ketonuria which is not uncommon in uncontrolled Diabetes Mellitus), it is very serious and can be a sign of too much acid in the blood (acidosis) which can lead to coma and death in some cases (so it is a sign that you should definitely contact your doctor & get to the hospital immediately).

Ketonuria & Acidosis can also happen as a result of starvation if the body is not getting enough glucose to break down for energy, thus is starts breaking down fatty tissue for energy instead (this kind of starvation can occur even in a person who does not have Diabetes Mellitus).

For example: If a person is not getting the proper amount of glucose the body needs to burn for energy (which could happen as a result of insufficient carbohydrates needed to produce glucose in the diet of a healthy person who is not diabetic)-> the body may start supplementing fatty tissues for energy -> which causes the blood to become too acidic (producing ketone bodies in urine [AKA "Ketonuria"], which is a symptom). -> Too much acid in the blood can result in acidosis (which can lead to coma & death).

...This is also why a person who elects to go on the Atkin's diet should only do so under the very strict supervision of their doctor after being thoroughly checked for any signs that it might be unsafe for them altogether [though personally I think for those of us who do not have a medical reason to avoid carbs altogether it is probably safest to just stay away from the Atkin's diet altogether because of the low benefit to risk factor... unless it is for medical reasons prescribed by a doctor such as in a person who cannot have carbohydrates/glucose for reasons other than just trying to lose a few pounds.]

On that note, there are reasons for both diabetics and non-diabetics to be wary of the Atkin's diet See also, article: "Nutritionists Warn Diabetics to be Wary of Atkins Diet" July 20, 2004 Plain Dealer by Kylene Kiang tritionists_Warn_Diabetics_to_be_Wary_of_A tkins_Diet.htm

As a general rule, it's all about maintaining the proper balance to suit your own body according to your own specific needs.
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replied May 9th, 2013
Well my pee smells like acetone. It is so bad of a smell, that I could still smell it with my nose being completely blocked up, And I don't have diabetes. I am just a little sick. And one week ago my poop and pee were smelling like blood/iron. Idk. Do I have to worry?
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