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Nasal Bacterial Infection?

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It's been about 5 weeks since I had a successful septoplasty to repair a damaged septum from a sports related injury. Everything feels about 95% back to normal and healed. However on each side of the inside of my nose I have a great amount of crusting that keeps building up constantly. There is a bit of a yellow tint to the crust and discharge and it has somewhat of a foul smell. Is this normal after a septo?

I am thinking it is probably some sort of baterial infection. I recall having something like that about 10 years ago and I believe they prescribed me an ointment which I believe was called bactroban. Is there anything otc that I can try to remedy this?
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replied March 13th, 2009
skin infections
can you get skin infections(purulent) from nasal bacteria. Skin infections neede antibiotics to heel
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