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Year Old Tkr And Continuing Pain And Swelling

I had a pkr on my left knee in 1999 and 4 months later experienced massive amounts of pain deep within the knee joint, as this was all under insurance I had to wait while everybody talked it over.In early 2003 I was told that I would be having a tkr which would have me walking in no time at all,after surgery I was told the problem I had was due to hardware failure and so I only had a "revision".
After a few months and the pain was back and almost as severe as before. Towards the end of 2003 I faced more surgery and a full tkr done and was told there had been another hardware failure.
Now a year since surgery and I have had in the left leg/knee since then, numbness/pins and needles around 2 toes, severe pain in my calf,redness in the skin over my shin, severe swelling and heat above the knee and pain in and around the knee.
Has anyone experienced similair problems,i am more concerned now with the swelling and heat that is generated.
Any thoughts would be appreciated
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replied September 23rd, 2005
Knee Replacemetn
My mother had the same experience, in fact her knee is still swollen and painful and it has been 4 months. No one can seem to tell her the problem. She has been hospitalized three times since the surgery for infections and it seems to be resilient to any treatment. If you have had any luck figuring out the problem, please let me know. I want her to have relief from constant pain and suffering from a surgery that was supposed to make her life easier. Thank you
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replied January 1st, 2015
Total Knee replacement
My husband had TKR in January of 2014. It has never healed. There is swelling, pain, heat, pain in calf muscle and a body scan showed "Intense activity about the prosthesis on the site of surgery". Now, I do not know what that means but it seems to me that all of the so called surgeons out there do not know what it means either. One year since the surgery and my husband is worse off than prior to the surgery. Any thoughts on this?
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