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Yes I know I should go to a doctor, but id like to know wat im looking at before doing so, a couple weeks ago, I slept with an ex gf but used a condom, a couple days after I noticed a lot of itching around my testicles, and tonight I am pretty much unable to sleep because its so intense, the area is extremely red, but so far ive read on different sites that if it were crabs id be able to see them, but I dont really see anything, I did notice very tiny white flakes but im not sure if this could be them as they dont seem to move...As you can see im very confused, is there any sure way of telling if its scabes or crabs, and can anyone tell me if theres any std that would just cause itching, I dont seem to have any other symtoms...

Thanks in advance
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replied April 27th, 2010
Hi negmistrial:

First of all....Not everything that you find on the internet is true, there's a possibility of infection can be considered, it would be preferable to have a consultation with your doctor for examination.

Also, I'm sure, that 3 weeks is not enough time to get a good result on an anti-body test, the condom is going to give you 100% protection for the covered area, but you need to be worried about the fluids and skin contact.

Make an appointment with your doctor.
I hope everything gets better.
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