i'll try to make a long story short.

About a month ago I had a episode of rectal bleeding and ever since there has been some abdominal pain. Started out as 1 or 2 sharp little points in the lower abdomen but has now progressed to an overall dull pain throughtout the abdomen, sometimes quite painful.
I was away from home at the time and waited a week or two until returning to my country before going to a doctor.
He put me on some antibiotics and a pain reliever with the initial diagnosis of diverticulitis. They did no good.
He also arranged to me to travel to a neighboring location for a sonogram and gave me a scrip for the local lab.
He's the only local doctor in this location and took off for christmas vacation and will not return until jan 18. Due to a travel problem I couldn't make it in time for the sonogram before they closed for the holidays and a wasted trip there made me miss the local lab before they too closed.
(don't get me started about the lack of medical facilities in my country).

In the meantime, the pain isn't subsiding. There has been no additional bleeding, stools are normal. I feel slightly nauseus because of the constant nagging constipated feeling. I've followed his orders and am controlling my diet as he suggested. I'm functioning normally.

The two tiny pinprick points that I felt initially in my abdomen are now feeling like two very broad spots. There is no specific tender spot.

The clinics will open after new years day and I will go and get all the tests done that he requested but he won't return until 18 jan to be able to review the results. I am very worried that I may be wasting precious time for something that may indeed be serious and need faster diagnosis and treatment and if I need to travel off-island I would like to get moving!

I'm reluctant to be trying to do an amateur diagnosis but I feel like I may be doing worse by sitting and waiting for him to return.


(male, 56)
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replied January 29th, 2005
Hi mitch,

don't know if I can help but I encourage you to keep on trying to find your diaganosis online. This past october I experienced sever symptoms.The doctors were baffled and tested me for many things. I ended up diagnosing myself via the internet. Luckily I have a great doc that is not too proud to listen and she tested me for gallbladder disease. Bingo I was right. Still on the road to recovery but that was one step anyway. So keep working online.
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