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We Really Want a Baby!!!! Plz Help Me With This. I Am Lost

Hello everyone, I am 22 n my fiance is 30 we r tring really hard to have a baby, n last month we had unprotected sex constanly n still do. I was having symptoms thinking I was pregnant. My boobs were sore for almost 3days straight n the veins r alote darker n still r. My periods r very irragular, last month my period was on the 26 n it lasts 3 days. Well it started the 21st of this month. But the first day is usually really heavy, but it was light then the second day was not heavy I just bled more. I just got off my period today it has been 5days. I am alittle curious, n scared cause I really didn't bleed bleed, it was just when I peed or wiped. I did take a test yesterday n it said I was not prego. But we want a baby so bad, n we r still tring. If u have any advice of what is happening to me. Plz do tell me. Thank you all for responding!!
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replied December 28th, 2004
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Hello, mine was a little like yours. I think it was my body playin tricks on me, either that or I got me a lil one inside. Lol. I tested like you and got a bfn. But hey your luck could be better, I say go to docs, get a blood test. Or wait a week and buyanother hpt. Goodluck
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