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Ok here goes.

I have emailed and pm'd admin

bloodhound is the name norton anti virus (nav) gives to anything it doesn't recognise. Nav will alsmost always bash this before it can even quarantine it.
Consequently only nav will ever find a bloodhound as it is nav's way of saying "dunno what it is but I killed it for you"

if you have nav or other anti virus software the chances are you are ok simply delelte any temporary files relating to it as the were created by nav as it bashed it.

Google is the culprit and unfortunately ehealth being a phpbb board has been swept along.

I run regular software and I haven't picked up anything although I am behind a firewall albeit a weak one.

The santy worm uses a flaw, announced last week, in the software that interprets web pages written in the widely used scripting language php: hypertext preprocessor (php). However, rather than attempt to infect all web sites running php, the worm instead targets a specific application--the php bulletin board (phpbb)--and searches google for vulnerable sites, antivirus firm kaspersky said in a statement.

Almost 40,000 sites may have already been infected. Using microsoft's search engine to scan for the phrase "neverevernosanity"--part of the defacement text that the santy worm uses to replace files on infected web sites--returns nearly 39,000 hits.
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replied December 22nd, 2004
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More research:-

"santy.A is spreading rapidly," antivirus firm kaspersky stated in a new release published tuesday. "however, this does not directly affect users. Although the worm infects web sites, it does not infect computers used to view those sites."

after it has taken over a site, the worm deletes all html, php, active server pages (asp), java server pages (jsp), and secure html pages, and replaces them with the text, "this site is defaced!!! This site is defaced!!! Neverevernosanity webworm generation x," according to kaspersky. For "x," the worm inserts a number representing how far the current instance of the program is descended from the original worm release. Msn searches have found 24th generations of the worm.
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