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Freaky Experiences With Baby Obsessive People

That story about the woman who cut the baby out of the 23 year old made me start thinking about when I was 15 and newly married and pregnant with my daughter, I was posting in a yahoo group for pregnant teens. I got emails from this woman who was nice, but trying to convince me to give my baby up for adoption, and not just that, but to give it to her. I was kinda naive about it at first, she was constantly asking me for pictures, updates about how was I doing, she remembered my doctor appointments and everything. Stupidly I gave her more info than I should have and it freaks me out to remember now what she could of possibly done. Especially since she lived near me. She knew of an adoption agency we could go through and everything. So apparently she had been researching. Confused
But it didn't take me an awful long time to start to get weirded out by her, and she started making me feel bad for keeping the baby and like I wasn't going to be able to provide enough and etc. Eventually I showed my husband the emails and he got freaked out and poed and told me to block her. So I did, but I also made a new email address and quit posting on baby websites for quite a while.
Anyways have you guys ever come across people that are a bit weirdly obsessive?
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replied December 18th, 2004
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Eh!! Thats freaky. I guess I dont have any stories, expect about that one lady that I used to work with that I posted about in the other thread.
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