I went to the gyn about several problems that I had been having including severe cramps, periods every third week (heavy and painful), pain and bleeding during and after sex, and to have a pap smear.

The doc recommended having my paraguard iud removed, but my insurance (who covered it initially) now won't pay for the removal, which is about $250...Not in the budget right now!

Anyway, the gyn called yesterday and said that my pap came back with squamous cell changes and that I was positive for hpv. I have a colposcopy scheduled for the tues. After christmas since their office is closed next week (go figure!).

I am nervous because I had a minor episode in 1997 (ascus) and they did a colposcopy, but no further treatment, except 6 month paps. In 2000, I had ascus again in january. Another pap done in june indicated high-grade dysplasia which required another colposcopy and leep (it ended up being cis). I had two years of paps every 3-4 months that were normal. Then I got slack and hadn't had a pap in about 1 1/2 years. The doc called yesterday to say that it was abnormal again (as I said above).

I am concerned because these are obviously repeated problems. I worry that if ascus can turn to cis in 6 months, I have a real problem. I know I will have to wait on the results of the colposcopy before they decide on treatment, but I have a feeling that they will do something. I am 30 years old with lupus, ovarian cysts, and some other issues (especially depression, anxiety...This does not help that situation!). I have two children (ages 2 and almost Cool. I do not want more children.

If anyone has had repeated problems, please let me know what your doc recommended. I am concerned that she may recommend hysterectomy or some other drastic measure (at least then I wouldn't have periods at all!). I just need some information or reassurance from someone who might have had or have knowledge about repeated dysplasia issues.

Thank you so much for your response! I will be anxious until I have the colposcopy results and some sort of treatment plan. Just wanting some idea of what to expect.
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replied December 19th, 2004
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So sorry for all your medical probs!It does seem you are prone to these repeats of dysplastic cells and such.You may want to look into a second opinion,just to be sure you are getting the correct treatment.You may need a more definative treatment,and that may mean some other surgical procedure than what you have had.I know you are young,but you seem certain that you do not want more children(as you know,pregnancy can make lupus worse).I would have a second opinion,just to know that you have all the options available to you.Best to you!
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