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Positively pregnant: my teen pregnancy story

i can't remember the day anymore, but boy do I remember the month. It was march of 1996, and I was sick. Very very sick.

Puking is more like it. Maybe for some, it wouldn't have been that odd. After all, I was a college student, a stressed one at that. Too little sleep, too late of a night, maybe one too many drinks? But the problem was, I never threw up. Ever.

I suppose deep down I knew something wasn't right. The fact that I even went to the drugstore and bought a pregnancy test must mean that on some level I suspected. But for the most part, I was sure I was fine. I had the flu. The pregnancy test was just to be positive, that's all.

Negative. I knew it! No baby, just the flu. When my boyfriend called to check in on me he asked "are you sure you're not pregnant", and I was able to answer, completely honestly, "no, i'm not! It's just the flu".

Two weeks passed. The flu was gone. So was my period. I got a little worried, and pulled out the extra pregnancy test that had come in the box. Why I got a box that had two, I can't remember anymore. My boyfriend was nagging me day in and day out to make sure I wasn't pregnant. Why was I so afraid to pee on that stick? After all, i'd already done it once, and I wasn't pregnant. Why all this fear?

Into the bathroom I went, on the stick I peed. Thirty seconds passed, no need to wait longer. Two lines glared back at me, as dark as they could be. My hands were shaking. I grabbed the box, dug for the papers... It had to be a mistake! I wasn't pregnant - I wasn't!

Desperate, I called the phone number on the box, and was informed that although a false negative happens pretty frequently, a false positive rarely happened. Make an appointment with the doctor. Doctor? What for?

What were they saying? That this second test was the right one? I don't think so!

I wasn't thinking. I was walking. Walking. Walking to the library to use the computers. I sat down, typed his e-mail address, and put in the subject line "the sky is blue". I pressed send. He would know what that meant, it was a joke between us, what we always said when talking about babies in the future. But this time, it wasn't a joke. The "future" had suddenly become now.

The phone rang. It was him. He was happy. I was scared. He said it was "meant to be". I still thought it was a sick joke. Not me, not now! I was only 19!

Next stop, student health center. Everyone knew. I could tell when I walked in. Why else would I be there? I felt like they were whispering as I sat there, barely able to talk to the nice classmate i'd begged to come with me. She thought it was romantic and sweet. I was terrified, sure it was a bad dream.

Strap around my arm. Then needles. Blood. I went home. A few days passed. At some point I started a "dear baby" diary, writing things like "if you are really there, I want you to know I love you". I still have that diary. Weird. Back to the student center, time for an answer, what would it be?

Six weeks along. What?! Really?! Can it be wrong? No, it can't be wrong, it's a blood test. You're going to be a mother. Are you happy?

Was I happy? Was i? I didn't know.

I called him. He was thrilled. I cried, how would I tell them? They sent me to college, paid for my school, my apartment, my things... They trusted me. I was only 19! What had I done???

After awhile I realized, I was happy. Scared, yes. Terrified, yes.

Afraid, yes. Alone, no. He was there for me, we were going to get married. But I still had to tell them, had to let them know.

Engaged, suddenly I was engaged. Happiness all around, celebrating, no one knew my secret. I hid it well. Weeks passed, I had to tell. Finally, the burden was lifted from me as the truth came out.

Many tears. Heartache. Love. My fianc�e, myself, and "baby to be" were embraced. How could I have held off for so long? All they wanted was to help, and help they did. We couldn't have made it without their understanding, advice, and lets face it, money.

Novemeber came, and so did the birth. A beautiful baby boy, 9 lbs 10 oz.

Happy parents. Thrilled grandparents. Enough love and support to go around. It was the beginning of a long, tough road, full of bumps and bends, but one i've been happy to follow... With the support of my family.

Having a child at barely twenty wasn't easy. I don't recommend it at all. However, please know that if you find yourself in a similar situation, there is hope! Although my life has been far from easy, I would not trade my son or our experiences for anything. Seek help from friends, family, or one of the many non profits available for teen mothers. Don't give up.

Rok recommends: you look too young to be a mom:
teen mothers speak out on love, learning, and success

amy fleeman is the proud, imperfect mother of two. She is currently residing in the not-so-perfect state of delaware, living in a too small townhome with her overworked husband and their loyal but overzealous beagle. Amy is the co-owner of Raisingourkids.Com and enjoys sharing her opinions and life experiences with the site visitors and newsletter readers.

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n.O..I didn't write this..And no it ain't me..Lol Laughing

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I have that book!
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I thought it was cute..I found this on a website..Kinda made me giggle a few times..Lol
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Thats a very cute story...And sounds like the typical road someone goes through...
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