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Sinusitis And Trigeminal Neuralgia

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My story is a bit complex and I could use any suggestion. When I was 10 years old I suffered from acute sinusitis in my right-frontal sinus, which was treated with an operation. The operation included entering the sinus from outside, by breaking the bone below my eye brow, and inserting a drain which was left there for a month and a half. For the following few years I haven’t suffered from sinusitis, until I reached the age of 18, when the sinusitis reappeared. I had to undergo another surgery, and the doctor was unable to use only endoscopic entry to the sinus, since many of the bones of the sinus have been destroyed in the 1st operation. So the 2nd operation was the same as the first one. 2-3 months after the 2nd operation I re-experienced severe headaches. I went through thorough examinations and the sinuses turned out to be clean. Eventually I was diagnosed by a doctor at a pain clinic as suffering from trigeminal neuralgia (probably caused in one of the surgeries, the neuralgia started in the branch located near the eye but has spread to all 3 branches). I was treated with many drugs (depalept, elatrol, elatrolet), I was injected with steroids to my face and to the back of my neck and I tried alternative treatments, with no help whatsoever. I could live with the seizures I experienced daily, no matter how painful they were, until last year, when my sinusitis re-appeared again. With my sinusitis attacks I had seizures of pain lasting several hours, causing me to almost faint. I met with a nose-ear-throat doctor who decided to operate on me once again. He said that he doesn’t think that I have a trigeminal neuralgia and that all the pain is caused by the sinusitis, so taking care of the sinusitis would take care of the pain as well. I had the surgery done almost 3 months ago. The operation was different from the previous two in that the doctor had entered the sinus from a different location (he broke the bone above my eyebrow) and in that that this time he left the drain inside, intending to leave it there for a year. 3 days ago the drain came out (as the doctor said it might), and since i’m experiencing a relapse, I suffer from severe pain (though i’ve been suffering from pain all the time, even after the last operation) and I feel my sinuses are stuffed again. The doctor is thinking of putting me through another operation.
I will be so thankful if anyone could suggest anything to me. I really feel like there is no hope and that i’m doomed to living with daily pain and an operation every few years.
I should also mention that no pain relieving medicine helps my pain, besides morphine, which I hardly take.
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replied September 15th, 2008
Hello Roy,

I have the same problems as you do: Sinusitis max. and Trigeminal Neuralgia. My TN is atypical what means I have to find the cause for Neuralgia.
I had operation of Septi Nasi Deviatio and after that was much worse.
In my case pains are in the eyes, jaw, face and all right side from the top of the head until right shoulder’s joint.
What is good for you: first of all to have so many operations is not good (why your doctor doesn't send you somewhere else?).
You should make CT scan or MRI of your head and neck. TN comes from the head (some blood vessel can press on the nerve) and sinusitis from the neck or neck muscles.
Change the doctor, if is possible.
About painkillers: try to get muscle relaxant tablets.

Good luck,
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replied April 28th, 2013
Sinus and Trigeminal PAIN HELP with no surgery no drugs--
so sorry for your pain. i cannot have surgery due to allergies to drugs used for pain and anesthesia. I use nutrition and sinus rinse to control pain outbreak. Daily nasal rinse with saline solution i make fresh using pure chlorine-free and flouride-free water ( in my case deep well mountain aquifer) and 1/4-1/3 teaspoon canning salt (no chemical additives) to 6-8 oz water. I use a plastic apparatus similar to a "netti pot." Some days I rinse twice and bad days up to 3 times per day (say if high pollen or dust day)
I also eat through food 5-6 grams of omega 3 fatty acids; first from chia seeds, ground flax, walnuts, sardines, codfish, and salmon. Free range pastured chickens get omega 3 in their eggs from eating grasses and seeds -- the eggs taste better than flax-fed chicken eggs which do have Omega 3 poly-unsaturated fats, however. One can eat more salmon and sardines or mackeral -all great sources of essential fatty acids- but i cannot eat too many fish oils. Good nutrition with healthy essential fatty acids act as anti-inflammatory food sources which helps the brain and nervous system register less pain. I hope you can find some relief. Sometimes the pain is truly unbearable. Then i get into the shower and let the warm water run on the left side of my face and jaw. That helps acute pain tremendously. I can only take aspirin for other pain management. Good wishes to you all.
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