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Unable to Move When Waking Up

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At least once a month when I wake up I am unable to move been happening now for around half a year any ideas what could be causing this? I had the worst one this morning I dreamt I had a bad arm and on waking up I couldnt move it at all hard to explain but it felt like something else was in my bed and I think it spasmed a !**@!
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replied December 24th, 2004
Sort of the Same Problem
I get it once in a while, when I wake up I can't move then I try really hard to move and it goes away? I hope someone has an answer
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replied December 26th, 2004
Its known as sleep paralysis check here http://dreams.Virtuart.Org/dreaming-faq-sl eep-paralysis-nightmares.Html its since happened to me last nite several times and the longest ammount of time ive been unable to move I tried to think I was flying out of my body and it nearly worked to go lucid
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