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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - a Prescribed Industrial Disease.

Should Carpal Tunnel Syndrome be a Prescribed Industrial Disease for Office Workers?
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In our quaint uk legal system carpal tunnel syndrome is only recognised as a prescribed industrial disease for users of power tools. Category a12

this excludes from protection the many users of office keyboards who suffer from upper limb disorder (uld) or repetitive strain injury (rsi)

however tenosynovitis "a traumatic inflamation of the hand or forearm, or of the associated tendon sheaths" is recognised as disease a8 affecting those involved in manual labour or, frequent or repeated movements of the hand or wrists. For example, routine assembly workers.

"cramp of the had or forearm due to repetitive movements. For example, writer's cramp" is recognised as disease a4 due to prolonged periods of handwriting, typing or other repetitive movements of the fingers, hand or arm. For example, typists, clerks and routine assemblers"

a consultant, engaged by my partner's employers, was quite supportive linking neck injuries (long standing because of structural wear and tear problems) and an upper limb problem. He was absolutely categoric that my wife should not return to work until stress related issues were resolved. He could see no way a person suffering from stress would be able to effectively follow precautions necessary to prevent recurrence of pain.

There has been much criticism of our government's medical assessment centres for benefit claimants. These are now run by private contractors. Our purpose is claiming benefit was not for the small amount of money on offer but to ensure disability protection when my wife returns to work. We found the assessment carried out was excellent and thorough

the consultant has advised that mrs worldlife has "conducive nerve disorder" - a new techy term to add to our repertoire. He stated quite clearly that she did not have tenosynovitis.

So we are awaiting with interest whether he will allow a claim under industrial disease a4 to proceed.

Thanks to an excellent post by donna elsewhere I was able to get links to a site on thoracic outlet syndrome. This certainly was helpful in understanding the extensive tests conducted by the government consultant for the associations between the neck and wrist injuries.
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