I posted earlier this month about having a urinary tract infection. Well I called my doctor and he put me on some strong medicine for my urinary tract infection. One I took 3 times a day for 2 days and the other for 5 days two times a day. Well I was fine and then but then a couple days after I stopped taking my medicine I got kidney stones, then that stopped. I waited about three weeks after finishing my medicine to have sex, and the day after it came back. I am bleeding when I urinate, and it hurts so bad like I have to goto the bathroom so bad, but I only urinate a lil bit and its very painful. I don't know whats going on,,,,please help it still hurts meee
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replied April 29th, 2005
I'm not sure why this post on uti is in with cosmetic surgery, but whatever.

I am a great proponent of chiropractic as a starting place for almost everything. People think that chiropractic is about the bones, but it's really about the nerves which are protected by the bones of the spine. If the nerves are irritated or pinched, the wrong messages go back and forth between the brain. So I suggest you start with a good chiropactor.

Next make sure you are drinking 8 larges glasses of pure water (distilled is great) daily. Cut out all the bad stuff - no coffee, tea, soft drinks, alcohol, none, zero, zilch. Your kidneys and bladder are unhappy so you must not abuse them, and give them only that which is healthful to them. Drink only water and fruit juices. Since I started drinking cranberry juice, I haven't had sickness of any kind . . . Including uti's or colds. I see a chiropractor once a month forever.
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