izzy wrote:
you assume so many things without evidence. Ha ha!

says the man with the wild crackpot theories. Oh the irony!

izzy wrote:
just like you assume the unborn are not human beings without any evidence!

up to you to prove the positive izzy. You do know that don't you?

izzy wrote:
how are you going to debate with me - if I wont debate with you.

that's right, run away...

izzy wrote:
come on I am sure like me you know the ins and outs of both sides and like me you aint budging so whats the point in wasting my time arguing - with a silly person that thinks she can waste my time.

i may be wasting your time izzy, but believe me your first class entertainment.

izzy wrote:
you wanna play with me, you play by my rules!

oh not being able to debate with you would just break my heart...
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