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Urinary Tract Infection/bladder Infection?

Little background:

- on birth control pills (ortho tri cyclen lo)
- last period nov. 17
- last time had sex sept. 6 with spermicidal lubricated condom
- fiance' has pituitary/thyroid disease (his Dr. Pretty sure he cant have children)
- have "fooled" around w/fiance' since sept.
- thought I lost a pill last week (i know I took it, scared I didnt though)
- fooled around 4 days after "lost" pill issue
- take paxil cr for anxiety
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i've always had some discharge (from what I noticed in the past 8 months since I got abdominal pains, and started worrying about pregnancy), but this past week I have had a lot more. Its a shiny clear and sometimes its globs of light yellow (a couple times I thought I saw some brown in the yellow when it leaked out onto my underwear, but it was either my imagination or the color it turns when it dries). Ive been have abdominal pains and problems since march and have seen numerous drs. (some slight urine infections and strep b in colon), but nothing major. I saw a gastroenterologist (sp) this week and he's sending me for a cat scan on my abdomen and pelvic. This week my abdomen hurts me and feels weird, and I have been having some pain and pressure mostly in my lower abdomen, and today I have pain in my pelvic region.

When I went to the bathroom this morning, I wiped and some blood came out. Not a lot, but there was definitely some blood, and I freaked. Its only happend that one time, so im a little better now. But I feel like I have my period, but I dont. I ran to my gyno during lunch, and she took a urine sample and she's going to send it out to the lab. I have a lot of pressure not in my lower abdominal region and some pain. I feel kind of tired (could be from my anxiety and worrying) and my legs ache.

I thought I had lost the second pill in my new pack last week, cuz I dropped it and I know I picked it up and took it (cuz I saw it on my tongue), but I have real bad anxiety and so im afraid I didnt take it. However, I haven't had sex since sept. And last fri. I fooled around and had oral, but I dont think I can get pregnant that way, even if I missed one pill (which im sure I didnt). And I took one 2 minutes early this weekend, but I dont think that matters.

Does this sound like an infection? Tired, pain in pelvic region, loss of appetite, achey, lower abdominal bloating and pain, blood when wiped, overall crappy feeling, feeling have to urinate more, moving bowels more, etc.
Does it make you feel like you have your period when you dont? (kind of feels like im bleeding and have that weird feeling you get during your period)
it wouldn't be pregnancy right? (from what I said above)
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replied December 2nd, 2004
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Well so far that was the only time I bled today, maybe I tore something or other or I had a small cyst somewhere...I dont know. Im starting to get that "period" smell already. I know you can start pmsing two weeks before. I dont know whats going on. I feel like I have my period but its too soon and im not bleeding. I have pelvic pain and pressure, and I have that "period" feeling you get down there, I dont know. My gyno said my urine looks good so far but she's sending it out for a culture.

I think im just making myself sick.
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