The rates of women being infected by .H.I.V. And developing a case of .A.I.D.S., has been increasing dramatically for the last 3 years.
At this rate of growth, the infection rate of women with .A.I.D.S. Will soon be the same as the guys.

What can we do to protect ourselves?

Remember in almost all cases, women are infected either from drug use (such as sharing needles) or from sex with guys.
It doesn't usually happen the first time you have sex, but every time you have sex with a high risk guy, it is like playing russian roulette.
Everybody wants to have sex with someone nice, but if you want to be safe, don't have sex with any of the following groups of men.
Unless, of course you are in a committed relationship and you know that you can trust the guy.

Guys to avoid.
1. Iv drug users
2. Gay or bisexual guys
3. Foreigners from a country that has an hiv/aids problem
4. Guys who are are unwilling or unable to perform sexually with a condom.
5. Guys into risky sexual practices like anal sex or rough sex.
6. Guys who are infected or have been infected with other sexually transmitted or venereal diseases in the past.
7. Guys who are not circumcised
8. Guys who have been in prision more than a couple of months.
9. Black guys

.There is some overlap, so when you add everyone up, these high risk guys only make up 16% of the available guy population.
By avoiding sex with these guys, you can reduce your chance contracting hiv/aids by 99.5%. Let me know if you want more statistics.

It still leaves about 84% of the guys, as pretty safe to date.

It's your choice. Use it wisely.
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