I know i've been mia around here and I apologize. I've been feeling kind of pissed off at the whole process lately -- especially the three month wait to see the rheumy... Sooooooo

the long-awaited appointment was yesterday afternoon. This was a new rheumy for me -- a woman -- and I liked her! She did a thorough history, examined all of my joints and skin rashes, ordered a slew of bloodwork (esr, c-reactive protein, complement panel, etc.) and a unrinalysis and scheduled a follow-up for december 23rd. I know it means more waiting, but at least I feel as if I was heard and as if i'm being taken seriously.

She was leaning heavily toward the lupus diagnosis, but wants to see what the inflammatory markers look like. I already have the pos ana (which she didn't even retest -- she said three positive readings over the course of two years were sufficient), the pos lupus anticoagulant and some positive phospholipids -- now she wants to confirm with the sed rate and other antibody tests.

She prescribed celebrex for my joint pain and told me that the level of pain and decreased range of motion is not typical for someone my age and needs to be taken seriously.

That's about it from me for the moment. I hope everyone had a decent thanksgiving and hope that flares stay away for the remainder of the holiday season!!!


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replied December 4th, 2004
I just realized in looking back over the tests done two years ago, that no sed rate was done, nor were crp or the complement panel. What was that rheumy thinking?
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