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Belly Button Pain And Discharge

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I'm a healthy 32 year-old male. I workout 2-3 days a week with weights and jog as well. For the past ten days, i've had a belly-button pain accompanied with a discharge from the belly-button. It's not bloody, it looks like a puss substance.

I went into the doctor and since my dad had a history of colon cancer, he sent me in for a catscan two days ago.

I've called for the results the hospital said it would have by today, but they now say wednesday or maybe thursday.

I'm looking for any type of help as to what this could be.

A bit more - there is no blood in my urine or stools, nor does it hurt me to go to the bathroom. The doctor said when he felt around my naval that it felt hard above my belly button.

Though he doesn't expect the worst and feels it most likely is some sort of infection, he did say the hardness above my naval could be because of a fistula or absyss.

I have felt the pain on occasion go down through my urethra, almost like something is pushing on it around my naval. This doesn't happen all of the time and the pain isn't severe, more just an annoyance.

When I do push around my naval and especially above it, that's when the pain is most severe.

I've felt a slight bit of nauseness, but the doctor said that it was probably from the penicillin he's put me on (precautionary) or from the stuff I had to drink before my catscan on saturday. I have not vomited and never really felt like I was going to.

I originally went to the doctor a week ago monday because I felt a b.B. Size thing in my naval. He went in there and took it out and said, "it looks like you had a buildup of something in your naval." I felt instantly better and thought that was it, but the pain got a little worse the next evening and has stayed about the same since. I've been cleaning out my naval 3-4 times a day and it generally has a cue-tip to two size of puss on it.

That's when I went back this past saturday and another doctor sent me in for a catscan just to be safe.

For whatever reason, I seem to notice it less later in the day and more in the morning. Also, if i'm forced to sit for three hours or so, I notice it when I stand up. It's kind of a cramping feeling or like I was gently punched in the stomach.

Anyhow, any information, since my doctors seem like they're just guessing at the moment, would be so greatly appreciated. I feel like someone out there may have gone through this or had an idea what it is and I could suggest it to my doctors as a possibility.

If it is something more serious, i'd like to get it treated immediately to minimalize whatever damage I may have because of this.

Unforunately, the only one who has a sense of true urgency about this is me - the patient.

My dad died of his colon cancer because at age 72, he waited too long to go in and get checked. Once he went in, it seemed the doctors took their sweet time before finally telling him, "well, you have a tumor that is too large to be operated on so we'll give you chemo and hope for the best."

any help would be greatly appreciated. I would like to get this thing figured out and diagnosed as quickly as possible.

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First Helper alp

replied December 3rd, 2004
Thanks to the persistence of one of the doctors on this, I finally have an answer.

My catscan orginally came back "clean," but my pain was slowly increasing. So the one doctor set me up to see a general surgeon. I took the catscan with me for him to look at, and sure enough, he found something. Good thing he didn't trust the original findings of the radiologist. I had an abscess on my umbilicas (bascially, an infected cyst below and slightly to the right of my naval). He was able to get me in for surgery yesterday and removed it.

While i'm in considerable pain now from the surgery, at least my problem appears to be taken care of.

I wanted to update this because I know what it's like to feel pain and be nervous about what it really could be. Hopefully, this can help someone out if they were feeling similar.

Of course, this was my problem and you could have something different wrong with you. It's just one thing, if you are having similar symptoms, to suggest to your doctor to look into.
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replied June 6th, 2008
Belly button discharge
Thank you for your info on this. My wife has a similar problem and is getting more concerned about it. We hope it doesn't require surgery.

Would you be able to tell me any more about the umbilicas cyst you had please. Had the doctors seen this condition before or was this a new case for them?

Have you made a full recovery since? You mentioned pain after the operation- did you recover after time and the substance no longer appears?

Would greatly appreciate any further info you could provide.
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replied June 6th, 2008
Som Answers
It's been awhile... but from what I can remember, it wasn't something never seen before, but it was a bit unusual. I tried to find out what caused it, and I basically got the "we don't know."

I had a couple of other things going on. One of the things going on I had was a parasitic infection. Once I got that conquered, the hardness went away. That was related to the parasite.

As far as what the cyst or abscess on my umbilical cord was, they said it was basically a puss buildup of things found inside my body. That could be caused by so many things... from crohn's disease to just an infection. There's literally probably hundreds of things that could cause it.

I've recovered fine from the surgery.

I would say your wife probably has something or something's' going on that is causing her condition.

If she has what I had, then surgery would be the only solution, as far as I can see. It's outpatient and it can be done as clean as surgery can be. There probably won't even be much of a scar, if any.

If you aren't getting any satisfaction from typical M.D.'s, I would suggest a holistic doctor. I found one that was good at looking at the whole picture. The key is, you need to find a good one.

I would also suggest your wife getting scans done. They're a little pricey, but they will rule some things out.

Hope that helps.
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replied December 22nd, 2008
pain in left abdomen
I am having severe pain in my left abdomen just below the navel.Also i am having back pain too.It just started 3-4 days beore my periods.Its been 15 days,but still the pain is there.Can you please tell me why is it so?
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replied December 22nd, 2008
Sounds like something different
That sounds like something different than what I had. It could be so many things, from inflammation, to something with your spleen, to issues with digestion. I would suggest going to see a doctor and then getting it scanned. The scan would help deal with the inflammation and spleen possibility.

In my personal research of my situation, I've found so many things can cause different reactions in different parts of your body. I would definitely see a doctor.
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replied July 3rd, 2009
Thanks man,

I have nearly the exact same symptoms and have been to two docs both of which just placed me on antibiotics which work for a bit (make me sick too) but the discharge returns. So I'm going to go ask of this could be the issue.
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replied August 3rd, 2009
belly button issues
Okay, I am having same thing, I have green pus and crusty stuff around my belly button, I can feel a small bump inside my belly button, a week before this my stomach was hard and hurt by it. I have been using peroxide every other night on it. I have had cyst other places on my body before also. Someone help me figure this out.Smile
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replied May 4th, 2012
Urachal Cyst
My son has had drainage from his belly button since birth and has now developed an abscess on his belly button that is painful. He had an ultrasound which showed a cyst under his belly button which is likely a urachal cyst (left over umbilical cord) leading to his bladder. What is leaking out is actually urine. He has surgery this week to remove it, but the abscess is new and very painful. Sad My poor little guy. He's only 8 months old. I have heard this kind of thing can appear in adults. Ask your doctor about the possibility of a urachal cyst.
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