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Help!! 3 Days Late, Bfn, Got U/s..what Does It Mean??

Hello ladies..I am new here and I need your help...
Ok girls, I am almost 4 days late w/ all preg test bfn. My regular ob/gyn prescribed me antibiotics last week for an unrelated infection, so I went to the local clinic this morning for an u/s to see if I was preg b/c I didn't want to take my medicines if I was...Anyway the girl said she saw what appeared to be a 2week old egg, but the Dr. Said there was nothing there, I saw it, and it looked to me like an egg...Anyway, my question here is, if it isn't fertilized and it just is an egg before menses, would it have been that clear to see on an u/s???
Please someone help!!!
Any info is great.
I thought I ovulated on the 11th, but talking w/ a friend, if the egg is fertilized and that tiny, we think I might have ovulated later...Around the 18th, but my cylcles have been regular 27 day cycles for the past few months...Someone help!!

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replied November 28th, 2004
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I think that if you had an ultrasound done, they would have told you right then if you are pregnant or not.
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replied December 1st, 2004
Us can be hard to read that early in a pregnancy. Rather than the health dept. Doing an us they should have drawn a quantitative bhcg. It is a blood test that tells you if you are pregnant and how far along you are. Also, depending on the antibiotic you were prescribed the rx may be safe. Keflex for instance is safe in pregnancy. Have a blood test drawn if you really want to know if you are pregnant. Good luck.
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